10 Sep 2011

VMworld Europe Schedule Builder ready!

Posted by Jonas

A few days ago the VMworld Europe 2011 Schedule Builder was made available on www.VMworld.com
I’ve just completed settings up my schedule for the big event ūüôā

The techinal levels are devided into three different categories:

VMworld 2011 Technical Levels
For additional guidance on selecting sessions to attend, a Technical Level has been designated for all sessions.

  1. Business Solution ‚Äď Sessions in this category will cover business benefits and real world examples. These sessions are suitable for any audience interested in the benefits of using certain technologies within their organization.
  2. Technical ‚Äď Sessions in this category will cover technical aspects and share best practices. Targeted to anyone with a technical background, but with little to no previous knowledge about the specific topic.
  3. Advanced Technical ‚Äď Sessions in this category will dive deep into the technology and will assume that the audience has previous knowledge and experience with the specific topic.
Of my 11 currently scheduled sessions there are 5 technical, 3 advanced technical and 1 business solution orientated.
Highlights are going to be the 2x PowerCLI, the Mythbusters and the Clustering Q&A sessions..
On most of the timeslots I of course had to choose a session over other (also) interesting sessions.. I guess I’ll have to watch these (listed below) on demand later on when they get released on the VMware Sessions and Labs Theater.
  • CIM2285 Automated Infrastructure and Operations Management with VMware vCenter Operations¬†
  • CIM2452 VMware vCenter Operations Technical Deepdive¬†
  • CIM2921¬†¬†VMware vCenter Operations: Best Practices for Managing Virtual Capacity¬†
  • CIM4280 VMware vCenter Operations in the Real World¬†
  • EUC2051 VMware View Reference Architecture¬†
  • EUC2846 VMware View Enterprise Architecture Design and Implementation Best Practices
  • VSP1823 VMware Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler¬†
  • VSP1926 Getting Started with VMware vSphere Design¬†
  • VSP1999 esxtop for Advanced Users¬†
  • VSP2360 VMware vCenter 5.0: What’s New, What’s Cool¬†
  • VSP2447 Understanding Virtualized Memory Performance Management¬†
  • VSP2884 What’s New in Performance for VMware vSphere 5.0¬†
  • VSP3116 VMware vSphere 5.0 Resource Management Deep Dive¬†
  • VSP3864 Best Practices for Virtual Networking¬†
  • VSP3866 Performance Best Practices and Troubleshooting
Can’t wait to go!

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