23 Oct 2012

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 – 70-417 exam experience (updated)

Posted by Jonas

Earlier today I sat and took the Microsoft Exam 70-417 – Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012 at Arrow in Viby J, Denmark.. Let me start out by concluding that I’ll be using my Second Shot in early November.. The exam was way harder than I expected!

First a few remarks about the 2012 exams in general. Like all things Microsoft (even down to their new logo) the exam is redesigned, I found the resolution to be a bit too small sometimes, but there was always scrollbars and dividers to make things visible.

They FINALLY included the option to use shortcuts to answer question, so the ‘B’ key would choose or toggle the B-answer depending on the type of question, the N key world bring the next question (or was that Alt+N)?

The Exam consisted of three parts (no big surprise) with focus being on the 410, 411 and 412. What surprised me, was the fact that it was made into 3 sections of 21, 20 and 20 questions and when one section was done, there was a review-option for that section before you could continue to the next part.. So in other words, it isn’t possible to “go back” and review questions/answers in already-reviewed/done sections..

I didn’t find the time to be an issue at all – I was in and out – including a trip to the boys room (before the exam) in about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The exam goes deep into some (for me) unforeseen corners and quizzes you on a high detail-level.. A colleague at work said that the upgrade exams he had previeously taken also were evil in that way  😡

The exam is scored with the principle of lowest common denominator, so that section (410, 411 or 412) you score the least amount of  points on = your score.. For me I did 737 on 70-410, 812 on 70-411 and 641 on 70-412 (dammit), meaning my final score was 641! Of course a passing score is 700 or more!

I assume the exam has a rather substantial pool of questions, so I don’t expect to get many of the same questions as I got today in 2½ weeks time. So eventhouogh I’ve gone through numerous blog-articles, the WS2012 Release Candidate Jump Start and ALL the Windows Server 2012 Virtual Labs I guess I’ll just have to do some more studying..

Anyways, my scorecard  🙁

Click for larger view..

Second shot… Here I come!

And I guess I’ll be joining Ed Liberman and Rick Claus the next two nights after work for the WS 2012 70-417 training, here we go…

Update 14-11-2012:

I took my free Second Shot at the exam yesterday and passed 🙂 A few of the same questions but mainly new questions.. Again weakest on the 70-412 part, but happy about the end result nonetheless!  😀 (812, 812 and 766 points)

Next up, 70-413 and 70-414, hooah!
Below a scanning of the 2nd shot..

The Jump Start series focusing on the 70-417 have (very) oddly been made available on YouTube?! for on demand watchning. I managed to watch them all before my 2nd shot, good stuff, but also at times very superficial considering the depth of the exam…

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6 Responses to “Microsoft Windows Server 2012 – 70-417 exam experience (updated)”

  1. Not a bad score Jonas.. All the best for the second attempt



  2. Congratulations on passing exam 417 and earning your MCSA certification! It’s great to see both Second Shot and the Jump Start videos helped. Good luck with MCSE exams, and let @MSLearning know if you have any question.


    Veronica Sopher, Microsoft Learning

  3. Good Work mate, I am sure that’s a big relief getting that one out the way. I have just spent the weekend watching the 12 sessions by Ed Liberman and Rick Claus … 🙂 Cheers, Michael


    Michael Sidewinder

  4. Congratz man. I hope you will also pass MCSE exams. But can you kindly let me know what is the exam format and type for MCSA 70-410 exam. Because i am preparing for it. I will appreciate your help in this regards,



    Saad rehman

  5. […] I guess I’ll need more hands on experience with AD RMS, AD CS and AD FS to feel remotely comfortable working with these technologies.. Not having taken the 70-412 didn’t help me in this regard.. I took the 70-417 upgrade exam which I’ve also blogged about.. […]

  6. you barely passed. i’d focus more on the material before you jump into MCSE settle down paper tiger



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