6 Mar 2013

MCSE 70-414 exam experience

Posted by Jonas

Just wanted to give a quick update on my other blog page called MCSE 70-414 which (not surprisingly) is all about the Microsoft MCSE 70-414 Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure exam.

My first try at the exam I scored 631 points, good thing I registered for this exam using a 2nd shot voucher code on Prometric.. I was surprised as to how hard the exam was.. The level of detail and the amount of “choose all that apply” was very high.. Also the amount of drag and drop + order questions..


For my 2nd shot I read and saw a lot of videos, really used a lot of spare time preparing (besides work) – also managed to get a lot of hands on with AD CS and AD FS for the 2nd shot..


I only managed 700 points (precisely!!), which was (well is) disappointing.. But as a colleague of mine once said – everything above 700 points is just showing off 😉

I still have no clue which of the questions in the Identity and Access section I had wrong – apparently quite a few!

Not having taken the 70-412 didn’t help me in this regard.. I took the 70-417 upgrade exam which I’ve also blogged about..

I can now call myself a MSCE on Server Infrastructure, next up a few Office 365 exams and then on to Lync and Exchange Server 2013 MCSE’s.



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One Response to “MCSE 70-414 exam experience”

  1. Congrats man! I’ve been hearing the server infrastructure exams are quite beastly…I’m one exam away from my MCSA, then imma gonna take a few months before jumping into the MCSE LOL!

    As far as the 700 score goes… it’s passing, and passing is all that counts for certifications.


    David Coty

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